Sabre 58 Maine to Florida Day 6

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Day 6 was another great run from Charleston where they departed at 6:30am to St. Augustine, FL, and arrived just before 5:30pm!  That’s right…Captain Eli and Sven blew through three states today making them that much closer to the ultimate destination; the Miami Boat Show.  You’ll note from the track that Captain Eli and Sven ran inside from Charleston until Hilton Head, SC.  From here, they headed outside just before Savannah on the Savannah River.  Captain Eli warns that it is an absolute must to have local knowledge when taking this particular route.  

As they departed South Carolina, the outside was a confused sea with 3-4 foot swells coming from the southeast (port side) and 25 knots of wind on the stbd side.  Regardless, the Sabre 58 ran 26 knots, again, without hesitation.  It was an uneventful run with the exception of some radio chatter between to aircraft carriers outside of Jacksonville, FL.  

Captain Eli shares that things are always changing in St. Augustine and he always calls the folks at St. Augustine City Marina before he heads in to find out if there is relevant info.  Today, they advised him that green can #5 was up on the beach so do not expect to see it!  

This brings up another great suggestion that Captain Eli shared while speaking about his journey today.  If you’re heading into an inlet, harbor, river, etc. that you’re not familiar with, call the local Sea Tow and ask for their advice.  Captain Eli did this with his approach into Shinnecock Canal on Day 1 and he did not regret it.  

There wasn’t too much to photograph today so please enjoy some engine data from the Volvo Garmin Displays

Sabre 58 Maine to Florida Day 6

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