Sabre 58 Maine to Florida Day 7

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Day 7 began with Captain Eli and Sven pulling lines in St. Augustine with the intention of running outside to Ponce De Leon inlet.  Sea conditions were downwinds of 20-25 knots and 6-8 foot choppy seas to Ponce De Leon Inlet but…

The boat handled so well, Captain Eli convinced Sven that they should run to Port Canaveral inlet.  It was just another 2 hours and it would be an adventure since neither one had been into Port Canaveral inlet before but…

The boat continued to handle these sea so well that Captain Eli convinced Sven that is was just another 2 hours to Ft Pierce inlet.  Sven begrudgingly agreed and they continued on.  A few minutes later, the two were in 8-10 foot seas and thought that perhaps they made the wrong call.  At this point tough, they were committed and after a bit of time, the seas calmed back down to the 6-8 foot range.  Ft Pierce was on the horizon and it was time to turn into the inlet but…

The boat’s performance in the 6-10 foot seas was unwavering and it was just another 2 hours to the Palm Beach inlet so they pressed ahead ultimately pulling into Palm Harbor Marina for the night putting another 200 mile day in the books.    

Captain Eli is blown away by the performance of this boat and says, “The Sabre 58 is a downwind beast!!”

Sabre 58 Maine to Florida Day 7

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