Maria Gabriel

Dimillo's Yacht Sales

Office Coordinator

Location: Glen Cove, New York

Direct: 516-623-6256 x401

Office: 516-623-6256

My adult career started right after college in the music industry of New York City, where I worked in the Business & Legal Affairs department of Bertelsmann Music Group. I was Associate Director and managed a staff of 5, to secure contracts with other major record labels and artists. It was a very glamorous and exciting environment that brought new experiences each day. I took leave after almost 10 years to make a move to Connecticut with my husband and children. I intended to be a stay-at-home mom for a while, but not long after the move decided to take a part time position at the Yale School of Medicine where I was the marketing coordinator for 2-1/2 years.

Upon returning to New York in 2001, we settled in Long Island. Having three school age children, taking a full-time job would have been a challenge. Shortly thereafter, a perfect opportunity arose for me to continue to use my marketing and legal background to start a real estate business right in my neighborhood which allowed me to be accessible for all the activities and needs of my children.

In 2015, I decided to return to para-legal work at a busy Nassau County law firm while still actively selling real estate in the area. I spent the next 7 years supporting 3 defense attorneys who practiced in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties of Long Island. It was an incredible learning experience as I became the sole para-legal and manager of the office during and after the covid shut down. Changes in the workforce and the arrangement of working alone for over a year became the status quo at the firm. I started to long for a more traditional working environment which would offer interaction with co-workers on a daily basis.

In the summer of 2022, I decided it was time to find an environment more suitable. When the position at DiMillo’s popped up during my job search, I initially passed it by, since I had minimal knowledge of boats and boating. Ironically, it showed up in my morning emails almost every day for the next couple of weeks which prompted me to look into it further. After a few phone interviews and then meeting with the staff in Glen Cove, I had no doubt that this was the place for me. So happy to be a part of the DiMillo’s family.

Maria started at DiMillo’s in 2022. 

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