The Very First Sabre 48 Flybridge

Tags: Sabre Yachts

Well, it’s April Fools today, but no joke, the Sabre 48 received her bridge this morning!  It’s not often that I have the opportunity to get out of the office and watch a large install on a Sabre, but the timing just happened to be right.  The DiMillo’s, Sabre & Brewer South Freeport Marine Team worked together yesterday to get things situated, and this morning, the bridge went on seemlessly.  Actually, it was a real joy to watch my teammates in action.  Not to “toot our own horn,” but service technicians Ron Blanchette, Tony Morrison & Andrew Cousins, were impressive in their smooth communication and anticipation of each other’s next move throughout the dry fit and and actual installation of the bridge.  These guys earned even more of my respect today following this exciting milestone.  Bravo gentlemen, Bravo.

Stay tuned for pictures of this lovely vessel in the water.

Contributed by Hilary Pesarik-Thompson



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