The Nonstop and Dedicated DiMillo’s Service Team

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This time of year is certainly the busiest for deliveries in our Maine location.  Not only do we have clients taking delivery of their boats from this area, we have clients taking delivery and advantage of cruising the Maine Coast before heading south to their homes in New York and the Chesapeake.  So many people are unaware of the dedication and hardwork that goes into making our Yacht Sales team look so good.  I may be biased, but the men and woman of the DiMillo’s Service Team are truly the best.  On any given day, you will find one of our techs creating a custom glass holder aboard a Sabre in the morning, and installing a Freedom Lift on a Back Cove in the afternoon.  Commissioning Sabres and Back Coves are our specialty and I can confidentaly say that this team has commissioned more Sabres and Back Coves than any other boatyard or dealership.  They come in early, work late and work weekends.  They bounce from project to project.  They clean and then they clean again!  This is one group of dedicated people whom I’m proud to call my co-workers.  

Today, the sales team had the pleasure of treating most of the Maine service team, and Dan from our NY office to a lunch time cruise onboard “Lobstar” (the DiMillo’s family boat) with lobster rolls, whoopie pies and cookies!  From the entire DiMillo’s Sales Team, we say thank you to our dedicated Service Team.  Thank You Jason, Ron, Tony, Jeff, Stu, Max, Dave, Laura, Noah, Danny, Mike, Jose, Ryan and Tom from Maine, New York and Maryland!!

Thank You DiMillo’s Service!

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