The Marine Railway at Shady Oaks

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Before there were travel lifts and hydraulic trailers there was and is the marine railway.  According to Wikipedia, “The patent slip or marine railway is an inclined plane extending from shoreline into water, featuring a “cradle” onto which a ship is first floated, and a mechanism to haul the ship, attached to the cradle, out of the water onto a slip. The marine railway was invented by Scot Thomas Morton in the early 19th century, as a cheaper alternative to dry docks for marine vessel repairs, in particular below waterline. Larger modern marine railways can handle vessels of thousands of tons.”

We are excited because this is one of the many very neat featured at our new location, Shady Oaks Marina in West River, Maryland.  Today, Ryan Dierks, our Yacht & Customer Care Coordinator and Brett Starke, Shady Oak’s Yacht Broker, were able to use the marine railway for the first time with our stock Back Cove 30.  Needless to say, the word ” Awesomeness” may have been expressed by the Shady Oaks team.


Marine Railway


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