The Hybrid Lounge in a Sabre 43

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The Sabre 43 is a Downeast yacht that seamlessly blends modernity with innovation. This model boasts a contemporary aesthetic, featuring a redesigned mast and expansive fixed-glazed windows for a sleek appearance, and all of the technology and features of a much bigger yacht.

A standout feature of the Sabre 43 is its hybrid lounge located below deck. This adaptable area serves multiple purposes, serving as a guest berth, office space, reading nook, nap haven, and more. At first glance, the lounge appears to consist of settee seating. However, with a simple push of a button, the seat beneath the lounge TV smoothly slides down, unveiling a spacious berth or concealed storage space, catering to your specific needs. The hybrid lounge is well lit by the fixed port light, providing captivating water views in addition to lighting the space.  It’s a perfect space to enjoy a morning coffee or to take a nap on a rainy afternoon.




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