Sabre Yachts Visit with Four Time Sabre Owners

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A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to head to Sabre Yachts with our clients Digger and Susan.  Digger and Susan are no strangers to Sabre Yachts as this is their 4th one, previously having a Sabre 34 and two Sabre 38’s!  This is, however, their first visit to the factory while their boat is in build.  This visit was exciting to begin with, but was further topped off by two momentous events.  

The first “Wow” came as we walked through the Sabre wood shop and we were approached by Sabre Associate Scott Brown.  He was so excited to share their their boat will have the 3000th window frame that he has built.  He has a notebook where he keeps a tally of each and every window frame he has built.  What an amazing accomplishment for Scott and what an honor for long time Sabre owners Digger and Susan!

The second “Wow” came as we turned the corner and headed to the Sabre 45 line.  Their boat was being decked just as we headed towards the line.  It’s not everyday that an owner gets to experience this very neat moment where the boat is now a boat!  The Sabre 45 is built in the original Sabre building (built almost 50 years ago) and it is a tight squeeze with only inches to spare.  Check out the photo gallery for images from this special day and notice that Digger and Susan match their Forest Green hull color perfectly! 

Contributed by Marketing Manager Hilary Pesarik-Thompson

Sabre Visit with Four Time Sabre Owners

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