Sabre 58 – Triple Take

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This spring and summer has, no doubt, been a unique time.  There is not a person, a family, a small business owner, a large corporation, medical personnel, etc. that is not affected by Covid.  We boaters have always been a special group and in this climate, it is one of the few activities that can safely be enjoyed.  We are seeing a large number of new boaters emerge as people explore new way to spend their time and are thrilled to welcome these folks to our special community.  

On Friday, we had a rare opportunity to photograph something pretty darn special.  Sabre’s newest model, the 58 Salon Express, left the factory in January, before the Pandemic exploded.   In February, Hull #1 was shown at the Miami Yachts Show and was due to officially debut at the Palm Beach Boat Show in March.  In March, the world as we knew stopped and all foreseeable boat shows were cancelled.   Amidst the struggles of Covid, remote work and Sabre shutting down for a period of time, Hull #2 and Hull #3 were completed, transported over the road, launched and run to DiMillo’s Marina.  They are now receiving their final touches for delivery to their new owners.

On Tuesday afternoon, our Maine Service Manger Jason Brunet, suggested that it was so cool to have Hull #1, #2 and #3 at our docks and we should do some type of photography. He warned us that we only had a very small window to actually take these boats out with the remaining work that needed to be done before delivery. Congratulations to Yacht Broker, Scott MacLean, for selling Hull #2 and Hull #3!

So off we went to try and make this dream a reality. When we reached out to renowned photographer, Billy Black, and explained our desire to photograph these boat, he did a bit of finagling to be in Portland, with his boat, for a shoot at dawn on Friday. Side Note: If you’ve never had the pleasure to meet, Billy, you’re missing out because not only is he a talented photographer, he is a spectacular human being!

This shoot and deliveries would not have happened without the combined work of the DiMillo’s Service Team along with the Associates at Sabre Yachts, including the craftsmen and craftswomen on the line, the engineers, and the customer service team.  2020 marks Maine’s 200th Anniversary.  We could not be more proud to work in the great State of Maine and represent Sabre Yachts, one of the best Maine Boatbuilders in the world!  


In particular, we want to recognized the efforts of the DiMillo’s Service Team, in all locations, because they have worked tirelessly to make sure our clients are taken care of even in the midst of Covid.  Thank you Dan, Jose, Steve, Ryan, Mitch, Jason, Max, Ron, Tony, Stephanie, Jeff, Siarra, Dave, Mike, Sean and of course Captain Eli.  

The weather in Maine is always unpredictable, and this year we’ve had a lot of fog.  In fact, the weather forecast was calling for fog on Friday morning.  Flash forward to Friday at 3am when members of the DiMillo’s team and their families woke up to clear skies and stars overhead and a slight breeze out of the north.  It was at that point we knew it was going to be a special day.  We pushed off the dock at exactly 4:30am and as we headed towards Portland Head Light, the sky was beginning to glow and it only got better from there.  These are the days, as boaters, we dream of; roughly 75 degrees, blue skies and a slight north wind (keeping the fog out) with seas 1 foot or less. 

This was a special, special day with so much positive energy and a serendipitous tone.  We hope you enjoy the view as much as we did!

Sabre 58 – Triple Take

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