Sabre 38’s Practical Design

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The Sabre 38 is a remarkable boat, well known for its practical design and spacious layout. the 38 has an overall length of 41’9” and is well suited for either a day out with some friends or an overnight cruising trip. Classically profiled, this boat has precise controls due to its Pod drives and joystick ability allowing for masterful maneuverability.


What makes the 38 such an outstanding vessel goes far beyond its basic features. In comparison, this downeast-styled boat is the smallest current build in Sabre’s line of boats, however, it is the most versatile and simple model yet. The Sabre 38 has been being built since 2012 and there is a reason why they are still being made.


Check out the video below to see the Sabre 38 in action and what it look like inside and out.



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