Popular Holiday Pies in Each DiMillo’s Location

As the holiday season is approaching, we are thinking about time spent with our families around the table. There are so many holiday traditions that each family has, including which desserts will be served. According to www.foodandwine.com, the most popular pie recipes in our DiMillo’s locations are:


Maryland: Dutch apple pie 

Maine: Dutch apple pie 

New York: Classic apple pie


The Dutch Apple Pie is made with flaky pie crust, apple filling, and is finished with a sweet and buttery streusel crumb topping! The classic apple pie has the same flaky pie crust with the sweet apple pie filling followed by a top layer of pie crust, blanketing the apple filling. Whichever way your family enjoys the apple pie, it is always a crowd pleaser during the holidays!



*Cover photo courtesy of Martha Stewart




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