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Recently we recieved another check in from Famous the Sabre 48 Flybridge located in the Carolina’s.  It came attached with a photo of owner Jerry Ade and a review of their latest travels.  As always we welcome the stories and share them here to help those who may find themselves in a similar area or situation.


Thanks Guys!


Good afternoon, 


Jerry & I have had the tremendous good fortune of meeting and working with dedicated, talented service people during our travels. Paul Speights, Jr. of Ross Marine, Johns Island, SC ranks high on our list of good people to know if you need boat repairs. Trusting anyone other than a Sabre-approved mechanic/marine repairman is just plain foolish, in my opinion. The folks at Ross Marine pulled FAMOUS out of the water last October when the hurricane was barreling down on Charleston, giving us priority in the middle of a crazy hectic schedule for them. And Ross Marine is able to handle some of the repairs that surfaced since our last voyage. 

We are very thankful that Martin Hill of Elite Marine Services and Sabre recommended Ross Marine. 


Here’s a picture of Jerry and Paul Speights, Jr. of Ross Marine at their facility on Johns Island. 


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