National Safe Boating Week

National Safe Boating Week was created by President Bush on this day 34 years ago! President Bush was an avid boater and as fellow recreational boaters, we are happy to see this safety measure in place. Since 1989, National Safe Boating Week has been changed to a week in May with the purpose of educating and spreading awareness of the dangers that can take place out on the waters. Responsible and safe boating ensures we all create good memories out on the water with our families.


And since President Bush came up… here is a fun story about a time President Bush visited our Portland Marina:


When George H. W. Bush would spend summers with his family at their Maine home, they would take their family boat up to Portland to have lunch at DiMillo’s Floating Restaurant. On one outing, Mr. Bush and his family hopped off their Fountain Boat at the dock to go inside and eat and left a portion of the secret service staff to dock the boat. These particular secret service members had not been fully trained with handling the boat, but thankfully DiMillo’s broker, Scott MacLean, was on hand to help them. As a thank you, Scott received a presidential coin AND a memory that would last a lifetime!

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