MJM’s Precision High-Tech Construction

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MJM Yachts are skillfully built and innovated to be lighter, faster, stronger, and incredibly high performing on the water. Due to their precision high-tech construction, these yachts receive the highest level of build quality.


First, the precision process begins with an infusion of epoxy resin in the hull. Dry materials are cut and placed in the deck, then sealed air-tight to create a vacuum. With the vacuum set, a computer mixed epoxy resin is introduced to result in a superior mechanical and adhesive bond on all materials within the hull. This infusion construction leads to 25% better mechanical properties than that of a wet layup process and ultimately results in the optimal performance of an MJM Yacht.


Next, all dry resin parts are weighed. While the weight of the resin and dry material are known prior to, this is an important step to MJM’s quality control process. In the final step of the lamination process before assembly, MJM post cures their resin infused hull parts. By loading the materials into a large computer controlled oven, the epoxy molecules chemically transition into the ultra-high strength, lightweight parts required of an MJM Yacht.


It is no question that MJM Yachts are built to the highest quality. Check out the video below to watch how their yachts are designed using a precision high-tech construction.


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