Marine Engines Offered in Back Cove Models

Currently, Back Cove Yachts offers 2 single inboard engine models, the 372 and the 41. When making selections with a DiMillo’s broker to build a new Back Cove 372 or 41, there are Cummins and Volvo options available.


The unmatched performance from industry-leading power density on the Cummins Diesel engine make it a wonderful selection. This brand is renowned for fuel efficiency, allowing vessels to cover longer distances with fewer refueling stops. They are durable, built to withstand the harshest maritime conditions. In order to provide captains with intuitive controls, diagnostics, and monitoring systems, the Cummins engines are equipped with intelligent technology.


If you’re the Volvo type, Back Cove offers the option of Volvo engines in either inboard model. Volvo’s marine engines are celebrated for their robust design, ensuring that each voyage is propelled by a seamless fusion of power and precision. The single inboard configuration offers a streamlined and efficient power delivery system, enhancing the yacht’s overall performance and  providing captains with a responsive and agile handling experience. Whether cruising through calm waters or navigating challenging conditions, the unique marine torque and unrivalled grip on the water can maximize exhilaration and minimizes hesitation.


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