Just One of Those Days

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Do you ever have one of those days where nothing seems to be going the way you would like it to?  Of course you have!  (Enter Service Manager) Last week Sean O’Malley was having one of those days.  Spring has sprung in Maine, almost two months ahead of schedule which means that the entire DiMillo’s team is back in high gear and the madness commences.

On this particular day, Sean was running our work boat from the marina in Portland to the boat launch on the east end when the motor decided it was going to take the afternoon off and left Mr. O’Malley adrift in the harbor.  (Enter Yacht Broker & Marketing Manager), Scott MacLean and Hilary Pesarik-Thompson came to the rescue in the all new Southport 33TE (plug Southport Boats).  This was Hilary’s first ride on the Southport and the term impressed does not even cover her thoughts on the ride.  So the three co-workers enjoyed their cruise (plug boating lifestyle) on that beautiful day in Casco Bay and all was well until they realized that the docks were not in at the boat launch and someone would need to go for a little dip.  (Enter Service Technician) Ron Blanchette was nominated to roll up his carhartts and receive the boat onto the trailer.  In the end, the boat made it to the trailer, Ron was cold, Scott & Hilary got to go really fast with comfort in the Southport and Sean got the boat on the trailer and headed down to our new marina in Kennebunk

Thus begins Part II: One of those days turned into one of those weeks.

(Enter Service Manager & Service Technican) Sean and Ron head to Kennebunk to our new marina (plug DiMillo’s Kennebunk) with a now running workboat and have the large task of moving all of the floats and docks to a neighboring marina because we have we have been approved for dredging and they will be the are only one marina away (plug deep water at DiMillo’s Kennebunk).  After the first few moves, Sean and Ron started to really get the hang of it and things were moving in a forward motion and then (Enter Mother Nature) the raw rain began.  It took the guys 2 1/2 days to move the docks and on that final day (Enter Mother Nature) the clouds parted the the sun began to shine.  Dredging is in full swing and we look forward to welcome our new tenants at DiMillo’s Kennebunk on May 1st!  For more information on DiMillo’s Kennebunk, click here.


Just One of Those Days

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