Heritage of the Maine Lobster Boat

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For over 400 years, Lobsters and Lobster boats have been a symbol of Maine.  The lobster boat went through many changes over the years.  The first lobster boat appeared in the mid 1700’s in the northeast called the “Dory”.  It was powered by oars and sails and was used in all sorts of waterfront occupations along the coast.  It’s no wonder these boats hold such a special place in the hearts of Maine-ers.


In 1870 we saw the development of “The Pea Pod”, which was a double-ended lobster boat that resembled an open pea pod.  The boats were unique in that they could be rowed in both directions and are still used today in family recreation due to its easy handling.  The “Sloop”, which appeared in the 1890’s was widely used because of the large cargo space it offered and being easier to maneuver, it only required one lobsterman to haul in the traps.  It wasn’t until 1910 that the gas engine revolutionized the lobster boat with the “Hampton”.  It had a tight turning radius which was a necessity in the challenging waters of Casco Bay.  The greatest benefit of the gas engine lobster boat was the distance it could now travel as well as having power to haul up traps.


This historic symbol of Maine has evolved through the years and its Downeast style was the design for the production of Sabre owners’ Kim and Randy’s Sabre 48 Salon Express in 1989.  You can still see the old lobster boat in these Sabres with their downeast style, dark painted hull and all of the beautifully varnished wood. A comment by a Maine lobsterman to Kim and Randy was “You are a lobster boat…on steroids”.  DiMillo’s takes huge pride in representing Sabre and Back Cove to lobster boat lovers everywhere!


*Photos courtesy of Doug Alvord & Penobscot Marine Museum


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