DiMillo’s Marine Partners: Seakeeper

Seakeeper is the world leader in marine motion control technology. DiMillo’s is proud to be a Seakeeper dealer as the gyro stabilizer is a modern marine technology feature that is only enhancing boating.  The Seakeeper is a meticulously designed gyro stabilizer system that eliminates up to 95% of a boats roll on the water.  The gyro works via a flywheel that spins at speeds up to 557 mph which generates enough force to stop a rolling boat. They flywheel is in a vacuumed encapsulation which allows it to spin so fast. To eliminate over heating, the Seakeeper is designed with an innovative cooling system  that removes heat from within the vacuum seal and dissipates it through a glycol/seawater combination, again, enabling the flywheel to spin at a fast pace. Another function the Seakeeper offers is it can automatically gauge the sea conditions by its smart technology, active control, allowing complete ease for the operator- all you have to do is turn it on!

The Seakeeper comes in ten different models to fit a large range of boat sizes. It is a practical and modern technology that fits into your vessel’s engine space. An addition of a Seakeeper in any vessel will truly transform your boating experiences!

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