Benefits of Boating with Inboard Engines

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There are many benefits to owning a boat with inboard engines.  The most obvious being how well they accommodate boaters who enjoy water sports.  Inboard engines have superior torque and power giving them major towing power.  They also provide better wake control for activities like water skiing and wakeboarding.  An inboard engine allows for a clear transom for tow ropes, as well as having the propeller under the swim platform, making it safer for people being towed behind the boat.


Watersports aside, inboard engines also provide general comfort on the water while cruising.  The extra horse power allows the boat to get up on plane even with many passengers and tends to be quieter during operation.  Although maintenance on inboard engines can be labor intensive, they have excellent fuel efficiency and increased longevity, upwards of 6000 hours!


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