Michael Aucoin

Dimillo's Yacht Sales

Safety & IT Manager

Location: Portland, Maine

Direct: 207-773-7632 x315

Office: 207-773-7632

I started my career in the boating industry as a Dockhand here at DiMillo’s Marina. I had never been around boats but I grew up in southern Maine, so my love for being by the ocean made working at a marina seem like a natural fit. The more time I spent around boats the more I understood the passion that many boaters possess. After college, I was offered a position to work alongside the sales team at DiMillo’s, creating boat listings, showing boats to clients and outfitting new vessels. I held this position for 2 years until I transitioned into the role of Customer Service Manager. The past ten years I have been away from Dimillo’s; still in the boating industry however. I am very excited to be back now, working with such a fantastic team and client base.

When not on the waterfront, I love to spend time with my wife and daughter; traveling together whenever we get the opportunity. I love to play almost any sport and will jump at all opportunities to see a live game. I am a beach bum so in the summer you can find me on most weekend days, playing in the waves at one of Maine’s many beautiful beaches.

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