Jason Brunet

Dimillo's Yacht Sales

Service Technician

Location: Portland, Maine

Office: 207-773-7632

Born and raised in Southern Maine, I never grew up with boats but always on them with family friends. Learning to swim at an early age began my fascination with the water and ultimately to the waterfront.

My career at DiMillo’s started straight out of high school where I learned the art of detailing yachts paying particular attention to all things cosmetic on the interior and exterior of a boat.  As years went on, I began working with the senior technicians and started to learn the mechanical and technical side of the boats we sold and soon I transitioned into a full-time service technician where I spent a number of years.  In 2014, the DiMillo’s Service team added the position of Parts Coordinator which was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass by.  In this position, I’ve received guidance and mentorship from so many members of the DiMillo’s team giving me a broader scope of the entire business.  In this role, I worked with all of the departments that make up DiMillo’s team including our NY and Maryland teams.  It was the perfect preparation as I transitioned into the Service Manager in 2016. In 2021 I decided to transition back into the service technician role.

When not thinking about work, I spend my time with my amazing fiancé, our 4 wonderful children, and 3 dogs. I enjoy doing projects around our house, snowmobiling and have recently started a truck restoration.

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