DiMillo's Yacht Sales

Chris Walkup

Portland, ME, US
I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. I attended Montreat College which is located about 25 miles East of Ashville, North Carolina.  While there, I studied Business Management and Administration.  Once graduated I took off on an adventure around our great country.  I ended up in Aspen, Colorado where I spent the ski season, once the snow started to melt it was time to move on.  I traveled down into Mexico, then all the way up the coast into Canada.  After that I slowly worked my way back to the Central Florida area, where I lived for several years and met my wife.  My wife was raised in mid Coast Maine and after visiting there with her, I knew that is where I wanted to live.
Once in Maine, I worked for a small family owned boat shop where they built and repaired primarily lobster/fishing boats.  From there I started at Sabre Yachts infusing their 48’ hull.  After that I spent many years at Back Cove Yachts in the Quality Assurance department inspecting their yachts in all phases of the building process.  Then I transitioned into Customer Service for a couple of years before starting with DiMillo’s.
When not at work, I enjoy spending time and exploring with my wife and daughter.  We enjoy hiking, camping, fishing and taking out our boat (which I built).  I have also been working with glass since 2006 and enjoy creating unique one of a kind pieces of glass art.