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Sabre 58

Sabre 58, Hull #1 Delivery!

We were super excited to hand off Sabre 58 Salon Express, Hull 1, to her new owners today! We took advantage of it being the wife's brithday and decorated the boat with some balloons and a chocholate ganache torte! We know they are about to make amazing memories out on the water with their kids and grandchildren in the years to come! Spe...
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Sabre 58 Hull #3 Delivery

Sabre 58 Salon Express, Hull 3, has been handed over to her new owners! We have thoroughly enjoyed having Hulls 1, 2 and 3 of the Sabre 58s here at our Portland docks, but we are thrilled to have our clients enjoying their summers out on the water on these beautiful boats! 
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Sabre 58, Hull 2, is off to her home port!

After our epic photo shoot of the triple Sabre 58s, we delivered hull no. 2 to her new owner! The owner of Jessie and Captain Eli pushed off the DiMillo's docks here in Portland and are headed to Jessie's home port in New Hampshire!
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Sabre 58 - Triple Take

This spring and summer has, no doubt, been a unique time. There is not a person, a family, a small business owner, a large corporation, medical personnel, etc. that is not affected by Covid. We boaters have always been a special group and in this climate, it is one of the few activities that can safely be enjoyed. We are seeing a large number of new boaters emerge as people explore new way to spend their time and are thrilled to welcome these folks to our special community. On Friday, we had a rare opportunity to photograph something pretty darn special. Sabre's newest model, the 58 Salon Express, left the factory in January, before the Pandemic exploded. In February, Hull #1 was shown at the Miami Yachts Show and was due to officially debut at the Palm Beach Boat Show in March. In March, the world as we knew stopped and all foreseeable boat shows were cancelled. Amidst the struggles of Covid, remote work and Sabre shutting down for a period of time, Hull #2 and Hull #3 were completed, transported over the road, launched and run to DiMillo’s Marina. They are now receiving their final touches for delivery to their new owners.
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Sabre 58, Hull #2 Gets Launched!

Sabre 58, Hull No. 2, got launched at Maine Yacht Center after being painted and having her transom lettering applied. She is now in the water and at our docks here in Portland! Our Maine service team and Navtronics will get to work right away as her new owner is anxioulsy awaiting to get her out on the water to enjoy the rest of the summer! Sta...
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Sabre 58 Hull 3 Arrives At Our Docks

Captain Eli, Yacht Broker, Scott MacLean, and Service Manager, Jason Brunet had the pleasure of bringing Sabre 58, Hull 3 from Rockland to our docks in Portland. They reported that the boat handled well through fog and choppy seas throughout most of the 2.5 hour trip. Our crew will now begin the commissioning work! 
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Sabre 58 Hull 1 Returns to Maine!

Yacht Broker, Peter Ouellette just brought Sabre 58, Hull 1 back to Maine from Glen Cove, NY. He did the run in two parts, ending his first run in Newport, Rhode Island. He had great weather and calm seas and enjoyed getting to spend time on Sabre's newest model! 
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Sabre 58 Hull #3

Sabre 58 Hull #3 has been launched in Rockland, Maine! Sabre is putting the finishing up 
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Sabre 58 Hull #1 Heads North

Sabre 58 Salon Express, Hull number 1, spent the last few months in Florida after attending the Miami Yacht Show in February. She is now on her back north for the summer! Chris DiMillo and Yacht Broker, Andrew Cousins, met up in Florida to begin the journey north. The first leg of the trip brought some bad weather, so they ended their day in Jac...
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