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Closing The Loop - A Journey Of Over 1,000 Miles On Our Sabre 48

We are checking back in with the owners of Famous, a Sabre 48 Flybridge, that departed Maine last September to head south.  Below is the continuation of their adventure contributed by Marcella Ade: Last September, we traveled from Maine to Charleston, SC onboard our Sabre 48. Our ultimate destination was Naples, FL, but due to weather and time-constraints, we were unable to make the journey ourselves. We opted, instead, in December to have a Captain bring FAMOUS the last leg of our journey, from Charleston to Naples.
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From Mile 2000 to Mile 0 - DiMillo's Clients Connect

This fall, we followed the journey of Sabre 48 Flybridge owners, Marci and Jerry.  They left Maine waters and headed south for the winter season.  We caught back up with them in Key West this past weekend and loved the story they had to share
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Barchetta - Sabre 48 Salon Express

This amazing smoke white Sabre 48 Salon Express, Barchetta , began her journey leaving Sabre Yachts in Raymond, Maine, and was transported over the road to our Freeport, Maine, yard.  (See the previous blog post for photos of the Barchetta arriving)  From here, she was launched and made way to our Portland, Maine, location where c...
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Famous Tour, Part 2, contributed by Marci & Jerry Ade

Contributed by Marci and Jerry Ade We arrived in Portsmouth, VA on September 22, Day 11 of our journey from Portland, ME to Charleston,  SC.  On our way into Norfolk harbor, we were surprised to see a fellow Mainer, the Zumwalt, nestled in a berth at the Navy Shipyard. We both left Maine within days of each other, both stopped by N...
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